Updated Pictures from those who have bought a kitten from us!
"Hi Amy,  don't know if you remember us we
came from Maryland to get him. Here are some
pictures of Sam, he doing great."

- Sue M. - Maryland
"Hi Amy, ...The kittens are fine, soooooo cute,
they get really spoiled with so many hands to
pet them. Stay in touch, Connie, Maya and
- Connie H.  Kirkland, Washington
"I thought you would enjoy an updated Photo of my
Beautiful "Izabella" Elizabeth as you use to call her...  As
you may or may not know, I have 13 cats.... Izaballa is my
favorite. She sleeps next to me all night long and in the
morning I dont even need an alarm clock.. Somehow she
knows when I need to wake up,  she meows and taps me
on the face with her paw to wake me.. I absolutely adore
her.. Thanks again sooooo much for her. I especially love
the way she walks, its like a runway model with 1 foot
directly in front of the other it puts a sway in her step, sooo
classy. Also the look of her long hairs that come out of her
ears that can be manipulated to look like little horns." -
Asha C. of Ferndale, Washington
"Hi, Amy, Babybella was born last year
on 12/27/06, her mom is Queen Dixie.  
She is a playful, healthy and happy kitty.
Thank you. Attached are a few pics of her,
she's beautiful. We let her opened her
Christmas present early.....she just
couldn't wait.  She also got some sun this
weekend. Happy Holidays!!"
Candy L. of Plantation, FL
"Amy,Thank you so much.  We got home safe and sound and Rowdy
slept most of way with my hand in the carrier scratching his head. Mac
loves him and Rowdy is fitting right in. He was a bit overwhelmed at first
but he is out and about and checking things out already. Miss waffle
doesn't give a darn about him and Macho just is all put out. He isn't the
only man of the house now.  But every thing is fine and I can't thank you
enough.  I know he will be happy here and will remain with us forever.  
We will send you updated pictures from time to time.  He's so handsome
and his coat is growing out beautifully.  Mac is going to start brushing
him as soon as he takes to his lap. THANKS SO MUCH!  Hope you have
a wonderful holiday you've certainly made ours. Hugs, Kathleen"
Kathleen of Orlando, FL
Hi Amy, I like your website with pics of the kitties after they
have been adopted. I thought I would send you ours. I do not
remember their "original" name but Sparkle, (diluted calico)
was born July 27, 2006 and BooBoo Baby(silver) was born Sept.
5, 2006. BooBoo Baby was originally just called BooBoo but she
would sit on the arm of the couch and meow the longest meow
I have ever heard so we added the Baby on to her name. We
picked them up at your house on November 19, 2006. They are
such wonderful kitties, with the best personalties. We just love
them so much.
Sincerely, Sandy R.
Born 03/22/2008

-Janice J. of Jacksonville, FL
Hi Amy just wanted to let u know
Garfield is doing great it took him 2
days to get use to us but he is very
sweet and playful. Thank You:) I
will send you some pics soon...
Jenifer N. of Lake Wales, FL

Garfield born 03/22/2008
Hey Amy
We picked up Louie at your house in December of 2006.
Louie is doing great. He's a loving cat. Sometimes he'll sleep
right next to me. He has fur by his ears that looks like little
horns. It's so cute. Thanks sooo much for Louie :]
P.S You have adorable cats. I wish I could get another one.
Sincerely, Natalie
Hi Amy,
How are you doing?  The kittens or
should I say cats (they are really big)
are doing great!  We just love them.  
They are so cute.  I need to get some
recent pictures out to you.  They are
so loving.  Everyone that comes over
talks about how
beautiful they are...
Thanks, Pam
I have been meaning to email you since I got my sweet
Sterling about a year ago. He is a silver tabby and was born
6/19/07. His father was Rodeo and mother Miss Dixie.
Sterling is the BEST, SWEETEST cat I have ever had. He
takes after his Dad and likes to lay on his back with his legs
and arms spread wide! If I could talk my husband into it, I
would get another one of your cats. I will attach an updated
photo of Sterling for you to see.
Thanks again, Katie S.
Hey Amy ,  
Haven't updated on Coco. She is the
sweetest baby girl , coming home from
work she is waiting at the door and meows .
She follows me and sleeps on my
stomach/head. Thank you so much for my
baby girl Coco bear .  
Love, Taylor, Janice, Coco, Bubbles
Here is this weeks shot of little beasely.  My 12 1/2 old poodle has
decided to relent.. he must not be going anywhere......he must be
staying.  At first there was the 12" rule...   no closer that 12" ... beasely
seems to have overcome that.... I am so amazed that kittens live...
beasely has prob had 15 little head concussions... he runs into
everything   head first... had to put decals on the slider or he can use
them as little stop signs... last nite he ran head first into the coffee table
wood brace .......... I get scared, run and try to pick him up..... but he is
off to the next missions....it is just amazing..... he tumbles straight to the
floor and pops right back up ready to go again.... we should be made of
the same stuff..... Have a great week.. Terry C.
Thanks for keeping us on your list!  I usually check
your website once a week, but would hate to miss
out.  Teddy’s absolutely the best cat.  I’ve included
a couple of updated photos.  By the way, Marilyn
and I enjoyed your video; very impressive! Thanks
again for everything.
Phil C.
These two pictures are of Isabella a beautiful Blue
Smoke female out of
Miss Dixie & Countrybarn Roughneck. Thank
you Steve & Diane for the updated pictures!
These two pictures are of Olivia a beautiful Calico
female out of
Ms Charmin & Countrybarn Roughneck. Thank you
Steve & Diane for the updated pictures!
In 2006, we purchased a wonderful little calico kitten from Gems of the South.  We knew she
was a special little girl but we had no idea how absolutely perfect she would turn out to be.  She
is  from a litter that you had named after the girls that Burt Reynolds had dated.  She is the one
that you had named Loni Anderson.  We changed her name to Ms. Scarlett O'Hair.  Somehow,
we nicknamed her Nina for short.  At one time there was a picture of her on  a green leather
sofa on the previous kittens page, but it has since been removed. Nina has been such a God
send.  Right before we purchased her, we had lost our Akita of thirteen years.  There was a void
in our lives that we thought would never heal.   Nina has not only filled that void she has also
brought such happiness into our home.  We love and cherish every moment with her.   We do
tease her that she has an identity crisis only because we raised her as a "puppy".  She not only
walks with a lease, she comes when she is whistled for, runs to greet us when we return home  
and loves to play fetch.  She also loves to go for rides in the car and in the basket on the front of
my bicycle.  The only problem is that she wants to ride on the center console in the car but I
only let her get by with that in the neighborhood.  For long trips she is safely confined to her
carrier. We have attached a few pictures for you.  We just wanted to take the time to say,
"thank you"  for  our little girl.  Although,  at 11 lbs. she is not such a little girl anymore.  We
would also like to know what happened to her mother.  She is no longer featured as one of your
Queens.  Her father is Country Barn Roughneck aka Rodeo.    
Dave & Linda L.
Saint Simons Island, Ga.
Hey Amy,
I just can't express enough in  words what a wonderful,
unbelievable kitten Figi is.  Oh my,  even the staff at the vets kept
saying they had never seen a kitten more precious & cute than Figi
was & they see quite a few kittens.  I am so grateful that she is so
affectionate.  She lays in my arms & falls asleep just like a baby. I
am so beyond happy with her, there is no describing it.   I will get
you some pictures as soon as my daughter loads them to your
website.  I am not computer friendly.  Anyway, just wanted to
thank you for producing the most wonderful, beautiful, sweet,
affectionate, unbeliev able cat I have EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!!!
Thank you again.
Saundra R. of St Johns, FL
Hi Amy,  I think I may have accidentally included
you in a group invite to view pix of my daughter's
birthday party.  Sorry about that!!  There does
happen to be one shot of "Houdini" included in the
pack in case you would like to see how your kitten
is growing.  I will also attach a few more to this
email.  He and our other cat, Luna, are getting
along like champs.  We're very happy to have him
in our family.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Hey, Amy.  
Chubbs (AKA Prince Charles) is doing great.  
The other cats and the dog love him.  He is
fitting in well with the family. He is so well
behaved. Your dad did a good job with him.
I’ve attached a photo of Charlie and Benny.

Hi Amy!
Attached are pictures of Claire Wilson's
baby "Edward Wiley".  We call him
"Wiley"!  He is the best cat!  He has such a
great disposition, and is a very brave little
kitty!  He is not a bit afraid of our big 16
pound Maine Coon!  He is now almost 2
Take care! Debbie
Amy, Lilly has adjusted very well to her new home. She
is a very affectionate kitty and loves the kids. I couldn't
have gotten a better one.
Carrie A.
Hi, Amy, Just sending you an update on my beauties. Katie is
about 2.5 pounds now and Cleo is huge! Nearly 7 pounds!
Her fur is amazing, absolutely gorgeous with this huge
plume of a tail. She is about twice the size of Katie. Both are
lots of fun and we are enjoying them a lot. Thinking about
getting a male from you for breeding maybe in a year or so.
We will have to see, but they sure would make darling kittens!
Hi Amy!
He is doing wonderfully!  I think we are going to name him
"Tangy" because he is orange, and the name makes us laugh!  His
middle name will be fluffy because my nieces who live in SC just
will not let him get away with a name like "Tangy"!  They said it
has to be something cute...haha....They picked Fluffy of course, so
immediately!  I can tell he is such a happy, trusting kitten!  He was
totally fine on the 6 hr drive home....He ate, slept, and played with
toys.  When we got home, he was busy exploring the entire night.  
Our home is totally kitten-proof, so we easily keep up with him!  I
see that he LOVES soft surfaces.  He always wants to be on the
rug or the couch.  We found him this morning sleeping on the
couch.  He already lets us pet his belly and rub his paws....and he
stays under my feet following me around everywhere!  While I use
the computer, he likes to be right in my lap!  He seems perfectly
happy!  My husband has me emailing him pictures of him while
he's at work, and he can't wait to get home to play with him!
haha.....I've attached a couple of pictures, and will email you more
if I have some exceptionally cute ones....and definitely after he
grows a little!
Thank you again!  We love him! Haley
think, and comfortable with the house.  He has been so fun to play with,
and sleeps with me every night.  He has not had a single accident, and
used the litter box right after I showed it to him.  I ordered him a big cat
tree, and all kinds of fun stuff, and it should arrive tomorrow.  :-)

Here's a pic of him on the bed with me.  I took this with my cell, and I'll
send more pictures after I upload them from my camera, and more as
he grows, too.  He's going to be a pretty boy!
We are crazy, crazy about him.  My hubby said he's going to call him
"Rotten" b/c he's going to be spoiled rotten!  Ha!
Oh Amy....... We are in love & think she is too. She played & napped all
the way home. The only time I heard a peep out of her is when I was
talking to her & she answers me. She comes when I call to her, she curled
up in the chair next to me & slept until T V woke her with a start.
She has made herself at home, nothing bothers her but her reflection in
the mirror one time. Toni has been hiding ever sense she came in the house,
she has yet to see Toni. Think we came up with a name.... Cali, Calli or
Cally (not sure of sp. yet). So it's Cali Callaway from Callahan. Hows that
grab you?? She seems to respond to Cali. She is eating, drank some water
& used the litter box, so all is well.   
Thank you so much, Jeri & Roland
Hi Amy, I had meant to send you an update a long time ago, but
hopefully you still remember us. We came from New York to buy
our little Amelia from a litter you had in November or December of
2008.  My, how time flys!!  Amelia is just a wonderful girl!!  She never
fails to make us laugh.  She is so good and sweet with the kids.  We
love her very much and she has a warm and loving home where she
is spoiled and pampered.  She has really grown into her colors and is
just gorgeous!!  Thank you!!!
I was recently on your website.  If you have a litter with a golden
shaded kitten we would love to give Amelia a baby brother or
sister...If you wouldn't mind putting us on a waiting list, that would
be wonderful!
All our best, The Tomei family
Hi Amy,
I sending a picture of William aka Derek , he is now
4 months and 4 lb. He is also been neuter and has
all his shots. He is a very beautiful and healthy guy.
The vet who have five Persians told me that he will
be a big cat.
- Raquel Raffucci from Puerto Rico.
Hi, Amy,
you might like to add it to your updated kitten
photos. She is a year old now. Isn't she beautiful?
Hi Amy, Sorry I'm so late sending  you an update, we have
been busy with the girls.  I have to tell you we are so much
in love with these little girls.  Sophie got over her fears
pretty quickly.  She is definitely the baby and talks
constantly!  She follows me all over the house now and loves
to explore everything!  Gracie is just a love bug.  She just
melts in your arms when you pick her up!  She gets in my
lap every night and falls asleep.  They are both such cuties!  
first salon appointment on Friday!  They had hair and nails
done.  The groomers all just fell in love with them.  I am so
happy I got both of them! Thanks Amy, again.  I'll keep
you posted. Patty A. (Sacramento, CA)
Hi Amy, I'm sorry it has taken so long to send a photo, I'm still learning
how send them. As you can see Dutchess is in the fore ground with CFA
with name change as Gem Of South Dutchess Toni Yurchuck and Gem
Of South Annabell Ziva Yurchuck. Annabell is the larger of the two
sisters ; Dutchess Toni (who has smaller bones, per the vet) is gaining
weight but not as fast as Annabell "Ziva". They are both delightful, one
day! Little Toni has weeping eyes but we are very used to cleaning them
as Stoney had the same. She has cute little dark paw pads when
compared with Annabell . We can now identify which one is which by
size, eyes, paws, coat and personality!  And their eyes are now a
beautiful aqua green.  They lie beside me on the sofa, more and more as
I tease them with a string toy. Little Toni can out run anyone and is
growing stronger each day and climbing everywhere.  We can not
confine the to the den anymore, they just figure another way into the
kitchen.  I'll send better photos for you to post in the next couple of days.
Sincerely Mary (Virginia Beach, VA)

Swisher is doing wonderful. Tinsley
finally took to him and they chase each
other and lick each other all the time!!!!  
He is a handful....always getting into
everything!  I show off his pictures
because he is just stunning!  Thank you
so much and will keep you posted as he
grows up!  :-)
Kristen D. of Panama City Beach, FL
Thank you Amy. She had a wonderful ride home,
after alight crying as we left your house. At home she
is very happy and the joy of all of us. The first picture
is riding back home and the second in our house.
Best regards, Jose G.
Hi Amy,

I just wanted to try and send you updated photos
of Annabell and Dutchess now Ziva and Toni.
They are so delightful and funny. I am really not
sure who love who more.  They are so good and
growing.  Their second Vet check went well even
the Vet could not believe how good they were.  The
second series of shots are complete.  The "girls"
now have free range of the house with exception to
one or two rooms. They love playing chase the ball
up and down our stairs, then ripping through the
downstairs.  Hope you like the photos, Sincerely,
(August 31, 2011)
Here are some pics of Abby's homecoming!(I
me know. I am new at doing this on my iPad!)
My grandmother was very surprised and
super excited. I want to thank you for bringing
Abby to us. She is soooooooooo cute. Everyone
I show her pics to says she is so cute she looks
like a doll. She is doing very well, eating and
such. She is still a little hesitant about people
but that will clear up in a few days I'm sure.
Thank you again!!!
(August 31, 2011)
"Amy, What a delight and constant
companion Lina continues to be!  Can't
thank you enough for her loving start."
Dale P. (September 23, 2011)
Hi, Amy,
just wanted you to know 'Teddy' (formerly Gabriel) is
doing very well. He is a chubby little thing with a Buddha
belly. He is SO sweet and affectionate! He sleeps wrapped
around the top of my head at night, right on my pillow,
purring like a machine. He is a real mama's boy. He gets
along great with the girls and everyone and fits right in.
What a sweetie, just like you said. He comes up on my
lap and looks me right in the eyes. it's really cute.
He sits next to me when I'm typing on the computer and
loves to watch the screen. I can't believe no one has taken
his brother, "Casanova" yet - if he's anything near as
sweet as Teddy, they don't know what they are missing!

Debi L. (September 27, 2011)
Hi Amy:
I just wanted to tell you that I am having so much fun with
Dakota!  He is absolutely adorable and I can hardly to get
home every day to see him.  He went for his 3 months
check up and shots this week and he now weighs 2.5 lbs
and my Vet loves him too!  He going to be small I am sure,
but he thinks he’s the boss.  He wakes me up every
morning at about 5:00 am licking and nibbling at my chin
doing great and not quite sure which one of us is the
Thanks. Cathy S. (September 30, 2011)
Dear Amy, sorry it took so long for me to send
these pictures; Jaffa is our oldest, he is the persian
with the golden eyes.  Our middle child is Mojo
who is enormous and has bright baby blues.  
Finally, Stevie, our dilute calico, is our youngest,
but not for long.  We are excited about welcoming
Loretta to our feline family. Kerry M. of St
Augustine, FL (September 21, 2011)
Hi Amy:
Here are some pictures.  I finally got my computer back,
before, so there's a bunch attached. Sorry to send so
many at once. He's doing great. They two of them play
all the time and he is in to everything as you can see.  He
was four months old yesterday so I'll be taking him for
his final kitten shots this week.  Can hardly wait to see
how much he weighs now. He's growing, but still looks
like he will be a small kitty. I see you finally got your
"shaded golden" kitties you've been hoping for  They are
all adorable. Take care.
Cathy (September 24, 2011)
Hi Amy.
Serena is growing very fast! She
is very naughty and funny. She
plays all the time and she loves
happy with her!
Best regards
(November 1, 2011)
Hi Amy! Here's a picture of Edward Wiley.
It was just taken yesterday. It's hard to get
a good photo of him because, he is so
camera shy! Ha! Ha! Claire is really
enjoying her baby boy. We both enjoyed
looking at all your beautiful pictures! You
really have some gorgeous kitties! Take
-Debbie D. (November 8, 2011)
It’s been a LONG time, but I was going through some
paperwork and saw Sami’s certificate and thought I’d
email you a couple pictures so you can see him now.  
He’s definitely a member of the family and has been a
joy.  I can’t believe he’s 6 already! Time flies.  We’re so
glad we got him from you….we were thinking of
getting another one.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos.  :o)

Cheryl Deal
(November 15, 2011)
Hi Amy,
Thank you for the Christmas card. Merry Christmas to you
and your family. Loretta is doing fantastic! She loves to be
around people. By the 3rd day she acted like she had lived
here her whole life. All of our cats have fully embraced her.
Our rescue cat, who is a 9 month fixed female behaves as if
she is her mother. She licks her clean several times a day, and
always has to know where Loretta's is. We already love her so
Kerry M. of St Augustine
(December 17, 2011)
Dear Amy,
Just wanted to let you know how well Sophie is doing.  
We have had her less than 3 weeks now and she is
exactly what I had hoped she would be.   It took her
all of about 2 hours to settle in once we got her home
and since then she has never met a stranger!!   She is
so friendly and lovable and will climb up in anyone's
lap.   I wanted a lap cat and I got a "super" lap cat.  
Here's a picture of her "chilling with Santa."
Merry Christmas to you from Sophie's new family.    

Mary Sue (December 19, 2011)
Hi Amy, I just wanted to update you on Tessa.  
She is an amazing kitten who is extremely
friendly, playful and enjoys being around
people.  She loves to play with her cat toys and
for her
nap time with one being under our Christmas
tree.  Our family adores her and she is definitely
a little gem.  Best wishes to you and your family
for a Merry Christmas!
Patricia :) (December 20, 2011)
Amy, glad you liked the photo. They are really
something. Izzie is the blue smoke, loves people and sooo
affectionate. Ollie lives to eat and could usually care less
about people, especially strangers. You would never
guess by their size difference and personalities that they
are related. As you can probably tell, they are both
spoiled and very special and we thank you for having
them for us!
We will send photos from time to time.
Merry Christmas!
How is your baby? I believe you were pregnant about
the time we too delivery.
Steve & Dianne (December 20, 2011) Izzie and Ollie are
now 3 years old
Hi Amy, Thank you for the Christmas card!
Here are some current pics of Swisher,
(James Dean). Tinsley and him are getting
along great.....He is such a copycat of
everything she does.  Plus he fetches just
like a dog!!!! Happy Holidays!
Kristin DuBose
Thank you Lena for the beautiful pictures of Johnny (out of Prissy and Rodeo 2011)
Hi Amy,
Sorry this has taken so long.
Phoebe had some beautiful kittens!
Yours in tort,
(This is a picture of Phoebe's sister)
February 19, 2012
Hi Amy, This is my beautiful boy Beasely.  
He is now 3 yrs  and very happy and
healthy. Just had our check up and Dr B said
all good. Healthy 16.5  lbs. but a pretty big
boy so not overweight.  His coat is share a
photo of how well this boy grew up and how
treasured he is
Best regards
Terry C.
(April 16, 2012)
Hey Amy, Ginny went in for her wellness
exam today and of course she is perfect! I
also took Abby in as part of the pre-op for
the spay. I found a great vet who only
charges $150 for everything (laser,
antibiotics, pain meds, etc.). Anyway, he
was very impressed with both kittens and
said they were both in very good health.
Yay us! Heredity and environment!
Thanks again, Kim (May 9, 2012)
Hi Amy, Wanted to share a pix and update
on Sophie. You can see how much she has
grown. When we brought her home on
December 1 she weighed only 1 pound -- at
6 1/2 months she now weighs 6 1/2 pounds!  
Everyone says how "soft" her coat is.  
lovable and funny kitten, always making us
laugh at her antics, a wonderful addition to
our family.  She has totally won over my
husband (formerly not a cat lover!)
Mary Sue
Sophie born Oct. 1 from Dixie and Rodeo
(April 27, 2012)
meow when I walk in the room from a long day at work and wont stop meowing until I pet him.  He also climbs up on the back on my neck
and will stay put for a long time while I walk around the house. He will also come lay down on top of me while I'm sitting down and put his little
face under my chin and just purr and purr.  He loves is wet cat food, barstools, knocking over picture frames, meowing at my door at 3 am,
4am, 5am, 6am until I finally get up and feed him some wet cat food.  He can be a pest but he is my pest.  Thank you.  He is two years old now.
Megan (May 3, 2012)
Hi Amy, I don't know if you
remember me I was the one that
adopted one of the first kittens of
Prissy, William. This is a photo of him
that I took today, he is now 1 year 2
months. He is a sweet, gentle and a
little shy cat but most of all I adore
Raquel Raffucci from Puerto Rico
(March 21, 2012)
Hi Amy. Wow!! Congratulations on Diva's
pregnancy...  I wonder what colors she will
bring... Fiona is doing great.. she is such a
Asha (February 21, 2012)
Hi Amy,
This is the beautiful boy kitten we purchased several years ago.  He has been the very best pet I have ever had.  Keep up the good work, and if you ever
need a testimonial, I am it. Thank you for my boy!
Julie B.
Hi Amy!

Hope you have been good. I wanted to give you a
few pictures of Samson. We got him 2 years ago
and he is just the sweetest and funniest little thing.
He loves to cuddle and play with purple toys
(sometimes pink ones are acceptable). Everyone
loves him (including the entire vet staff who crowd
the room when he comes in for check ups) and he
loves everyone! Samson is doing great and we
couldn't have asked for a more fantastic little guy!

Thank you so much for him.

(August 12, 2012)
Gatsby loves loves loves his big brother. From
day 1 they immediately bonded.  Poor Bigsby
has not had one moment of peace these days.
Gatsby is a full on boy full of energy in beats up
on Biggs non stop. At least they have each other
Amy, He is doing fabulous!  Loves to get in the scales;
therefore, so easy to weigh. He has grown to 2.2lb and is
doing great. Such a great loving, playful kitten.
-Robin Y. of Yulee, FL (February 20, 2013)
Amy, Ellie currently has a "Lions Cut" because of some
brush/comb her a little. Sasha was out of your Marilyn
and is a beautiful cat. I have included a couple pictures
you had sent to me because in the pics you can see the
Amy, Ellie currently has a "Lions Cut" because of some
light brown dot just above her eyes when she was young
matting, she would not let us brush her although after
matting, she would not let us brush her although after
brush/comb her a little. Sasha was out of your Marilyn
and is a beautiful cat. I have included a couple pictures
you had sent to me because in the pics you can see the
light brown dot just above her eyes when she was young
and today, kind of neat to see. She always looks like she
needs a bath in pictures, you wouldn't know she had
one last week, I guess the silver comes through.
- Mike E. of Panama City Beach, FL (March 5, 2013)
Our little girl !! Now. Catsbee
Is growing up to be very
pretty !
Terry C. (March 9, 2013)
Hey Amy,
Wanted to share this video with
you of Swisher.  (James Dean).  
Our friends call him "dog-cat"
because he acts just like a dog.    
He is amazing and doing
wonderful!  I will send you some
Kristin D. of Panama City
Beach, FL (March 21, 2013)
Hi Amy!
Isabella is spoiled
Angie A. (April 11,
Hi Amy,
I figured I would send a few pics of
Powder see if maybe you wanted to
post him. If not thats fine. If hes not
sitting on or laying on me hes
always around me. His nickname is
Love Bug. I just wanted to tell you
how much happiness he has
brought us. And Thank You. I was
also wondering about Hank is he
having any kittens by anyone?
-Katie (Freeport, FL) May 23, 2013

Hi Amy,
Below you will find picture of Maria her name now is Daisy. She
is now 1 year old.
See you!
Ewa C. (June 17, 2013)
Hi Amy,
Here is a pic of Swisher (James Dean).
He's such a sweetheart and a ladies man!
Kristen D. of Panama City Beach, FL (June 18, 2013)
Hi Amy,
Thank you for asking. Lana adjust very easy she is so sweet and good
kitten. Daisy of course is disturbed by her presence. I have Lana in
small room and let Daisy get adjust easy with new addition in family.
Kittens from your breed are awsome!
Thank you and I will be in touch.
Ewa C. of Elkton, FL (June 20, 2013)
Hey Amy,
Just wanted to update you on my kitty:) I took him to the vet again today and they said he's looking good. Not quite two pounds yet. He's still pretty
small and laid back. He is so calm and he really seems to be doing great here. We love him...he's actually become more of my husbands pet than mine
and Fluffernikel actually prefers Danny. It's so funny bc Danny isn't a cat person at all but you were right, he came around! Well, just wanted to send
you some pictures of him posing for me this afternoon. I tried to get him on one of my backdrops seeing as how he stays on them all the time but
when  I get out my camera, of course, he refuses to get on them:)
Hope you are doing well!
Shelly Wheeler (July 15, 2013)
My Daisy and Lana finally getting pretty good together. It's so much joy to seeing them playing together.
Thank you Amy,
Ewa C. (July 1, 2013)
We had an awful time naming this little guy.  His official name on paper is Ole Abe Lincoln.  But, he comes when you call him
Buddy! He wakes us at 7am and he poops out about 10 am then back at it about 2.  He is sitting on my keyboard watching my
fingers move!  Everything is an adventure.  He travels well also.  Has been camping twice now and rides on the console of the truck
while we drive.  He is going to Indiana and Kentucky and Louisiana the end of this month.   

He has found the window sills in our new home and fits perfectly on any of them.  He loves the glass room we added as he can see the
herons and the new pool table has caught his attention with all those balls!  Uh,oh!!   

Scotty says, 'The best $$ I've ever spent.'  haha!!  Thank you again, Amy, for bringing joy to our new home!

Maury & Scotty (August 31, 2013)
Hi Amy, Our little Poppie (Aro) has developed into a fun loving, curious, loving lap kitty.  Yes I said lap kitty, when all the
exploring and playing is done he wants to be in my lap.  Here is a picture of him on vacation with us in the mountains.  The
cabin was perfect for him with stairs to climb and a loft.  His favorite place was the screened porch.  He has also become
quite the little thief.  Stealing things from my studio to play with.
Sending Kitty Love, Carla (November 4, 2013)
Chilling under the Christmas tree after a morning of catnip.  Happy Holidays to you and your family!
- Patricia R. (December 25, 2013)
Amy, Diego is beautiful! He traveled well and settled in to the 'nursery' with ease, drinking, eating and using the litter
box like a champ. Tonight he is traveling laps in the living room, literally watching the big screen TV with great intensity.
Diego and Musso (our 90# golden) have been trading sniffs and seem to be on the road to being friends. Will stay in
touch with photo updates.  Thanks again.  Life is better with a kitty in the house.
- Ruth S. Flat Rock, NC (February 18, 2014)
Hi Amy, "The NCIS Sisters", Ziva and Toni (AKA, Dutchess and Annabell) will be 3 years old this May. They are just
wonderful and doing fine.  Here are some of their latest photos!      Mary, Virginia Beach, VA.
Hi Amy,
Attached is a picture of Pandora.  You were right when you told us she would be a beauty. Will send a
picture of Beamer when I can catch him at the right moment.  He is still at the awkward age but will be a
handsome cat once he gets a bit older and his coat starts to fill out.   Rick (April 6, 2014)
Hi Amy,
I just wanted to send you a current of Savannah.  This is Lisa... Remember I bought her for my mother in law. Best
companion ever. She's doing wonderful, very well taken care of and loved.
Thank you, Lisa (May 18, 2014)
much:) Thank you Amy for such healthy kitties :)
Ewa C. (May 24. 2014)
"Maggie Mae" aka Paris - Cheryl P. (June 15, 2014)
Hi Amy, The vet said Frankie was "perfect".   He travelled well and is very busy taking over our home.  Sugar is
not quite warmed up yet, but that will evolve. We believe he fits in Mark's size 10s nicely, probably not for long.
He does have an appetite! We LOVE our new baby boy...... He is doing well.  Already in charge.  We could have
named him Dennis (as in the Menace).
- Nan H. of Tallahassee, FL (June 19, 2014)
Hi Amy, Just wanted to say how adorable, sweet and beautiful Tara is.  She
is with her new family in Pensacola.  
Thank you so much! - Lakshmi G. (July 21, 2014)
Here's a couple pics of Emily and Marie-  several times I've found Emily on the top. If they were kids
with a bunk bed, Emily would want the top bunk !!  Lol. After they've grown up some, I will send you
the "before and after" pics, like you showed me one, and I saw some on your site where other people
have sent you their "baby pics" compared next to their grown up pics.  I always think that is so cool to
see. - Judy (July 15, 2014)
Hi Amy - Ok, not her one year old pictures but close enough!  Allie fits in very well in our home and gets along great with her two sisters and
three brothers!  She RULES!  Just tell me this, where did she get that "lazy tail" of hers?  The one that flops all the way over her back and
touches the back of her neck!  Prissy?  Rodeo?  LOL....Thanks for such a beautiful cat!  ~ Jeanne
Amy... Hope all is well with you and your family.  Just thought I would send you an update to show how
much our boy has grown. The day he came home and now.  He couldn't be more beautiful or perfect!  And he
loves our 93 lb golden retriever Musso; not timid at all, walks right up and tucks himself right up under his
chin. He makes our family complete. - Ruth S. of North Carolina (September 14, 2014)
Hi Amy-  just wanted you to see the beautiful girl Portia (formerly Scarlett) has grown into!  All good
here, she is a great cat, gets along well with our 4 yr old dog.  Thank u!!  Stacey (December 12, 2014)
Hi Amy, just a "Hello" from Emily & Marie, to wish you happy holidays, and to show off how they (at 8 months
old now) have blossomed into such Beautiful Young Ladies, compared to their pic of when they were still 3
month old babies (the pic with the condo). They are very happy and settled in their new home in Pt. St. Lucie,
Fla. !!  Judy S. (December 11, 2014)
Hi Amy,
Thought I would share a pic of Beamer (aka Dallas) close to his first birthday.  Pandora is still gorgeous.  Will
send a picture of her soon. Both are a hoot. Hope all is well with you and your family.  Have a great holiday
Rick Brown
This is how Frankie relaxes.  Guess he is pretty happy and secure.
Nan H. (December 16, 2014)
Merry Christmas from Frankie and his friend.
-Nan H. (December 24, 2014)
Merry Christmas Amy! I  hope you can view these ....photos of Toni and Ziva (Dutchess and Annabell) at
3 years old!  They are so much fun! Hope you have a good new year too.
- Mary Y.
Hey Amy...How are you doing? I wanted to send you some pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Aiden ( aka Moochie
Moo) lol. She is very protective of him and he chases her around... Aiden just turned three this month. They are
both very special and beautiful!....Davina (April 21, 2015)
Hello Amy, hope all is well. I wanted to send you an updated pic of our sweet Mademoiselle Zoe'. We have had her a
year now and love her to the moon and back. As you can see she has the run of the house.
Thanks again for our sweet little girl,
Chase and Mary Sue Moore McClellan
One of our lucky kittens who is living the life in Malibu, California!
Hi Amy, Hope you are well. A pic from Olivia (who now lives in Mexico). My
parents are very happy with her.
Patricia D.
Greetings Amy! It will be a week tomorrow since Enrique left your home for his new home with us. We must tell you that we're amazed at how well he's adapted! It's almost
as if he's been here with us forever. The agility of this kitten is quite unbelievable....reminds us of a mini version of Tarzan and is in constant motion unless he's napping.  He
could have starred in the newest movie version of the Jungle Book... And yes, he loves an audience as he runs, jumps, spins, climbs and...well, you get the picture. He's an
absolute joy....with an absolutely admirable appetite (he sure does love his food). We'll keep you updated as to his development. He's one busy kitten! We're having a ball
Hi Amy, When I came home today and opened the door, both kittens came running to greet me. I love them so much. Their personalities are
very different. They like to jump off the bed in the middle of the night then come back and cry for me to pick them up. The second pic is the
plant' stand that i removed the plant because i didnt know if it was poisonous or not.  Now they play and sleep on it all of the time. lol. I'm
very happy with them. You did a good job. Thank you. -Kimberly (West Palm Beach, FL) 06/25/2016
I'm in love with her. She is so beautiful, I can't believe it!! It's the first time I visited my parents since she got to Mexico.
My parents adore her. Thank you!
Patricia D. (Miami, FL)
Hi Amy,
Here are a couple of pictures of our baby, Niki.
Brenda P.
Hello Amy, This is the Curry Family. We are so in love with the new addition to our family. Alice and Cheshire made friends in less than 24 hours. He is actually very
protective of her. She is still very playful and she loves all the attention that she gets from the kids. Thank you for our new girl. Cheshire is such a sweet boy. He is the
reason we came back to you. You have great kitties! - The Curry Family - Atlantic Beach, FL
Hello Amy, This is Debbie (Kenny's wife). Hope all is well with you & your Family - & all of the Animals!! I can't tell you how much we are enjoying "Enrique" - he is JUST
FABULOUS, in personality, behavior, temperament & appearance!! And boy, does he have an appetite - which we need your advise on...  He is about 5 pounds now (he's a
big boy already!) & we want to know how much canned food to give to him at this stage.  The Life's Abundance site doesn't say, so who better to ask than you!!  Right? We
feed him about a 1/3 of a can twice a day, plus a small handful of the dry (which he loves to bat around & play with, then stalk it & pounce)! Would you suggest more from
the can?  Just wondering.... And here are pictures of him at the wheel, & in the stairway of our Motorhome (through the screen) - he loves to travel!!!
Look forward to hearing back from you.
Best Regards!
Debbie (& Kenny) of North Palm Beach, FL
Hi Amy,

Here is Zuzu's birthday photo from last year (2 yrs old). She is a couple of ounces over 7 lbs now and sweet,
confident, and outgoing. We love her so much, she's our little queen. I totally regret not taking one of her siblings
from her litter when I had the chance.

I think we might talk to you about the litter you expect from Freedom and Hank next year if they will be more doll-
faced kitties. A boy for sure. I really do think Freedom is Zuzu's mama but I'll check the papers. Half siblings would
be good, right? ��

Thanks again,
Rochelle B. (Seattle, Washington)
November 13, 2016
Carter is awesome! Hope all is well with you! He & Bear are almost
always right near us! Actually, he is Ro's shadow. Have a super day!
- Jo (04/11/2017)
Hi Amy, I just wanted to send you an updated picture of not so little
chewie. He is the best and we absolutely adore him!

Noelle (04/03/2017)
Hi Amy,
I know it's been a while but we just wanted you to know that Echo is doing great!  She has become such a sweet girl and she loves her brother Snickers. She'll grab him
and lick him all over his head....lol. He doesn't know what to think about her sometimes. She loves our balcony and will sit in the rocking chair out there for a long time.
She also loves our space heater that we used for our other Himalayan that passed away. She'll curl up next to it when it's on and go to sleep. She also loves bags and she
has her own basket that she naps in. She has really become a wonderful member of our family. We love her so much. Thank you again for letting us be her parents. I'm
attaching some pictures.

Bryan & Liz Brooks
Amy,  here are pictures of Wyatt/Kiwi his first day with us.  He is settling in great in our master bath.  He is a ball of energy then crashes for a much
needed nap!  We just visited the vet and he checked out great.  Thank you for socializing him so well!  He lets me scratch his tummy while he is on his
back!  He is soooo cute!  I had to have the vet trim his claws.  He is so playful I have war wounds after one day.  He loves to bat balls around and chase
- Kim H. (05/24/17)
Hi Amy, here are a few pictures of "Grey"... she is the love of my life! The most loving, Hope all is
well.  - Lisa B.
Hi Amy, the kittens are doing great, we love them so much! They've had their second shots and are thriving.  We've
named them Smith, he is the whiter one and Wesson, he is more grey and growing a little faster.  They climbed the cat
playground this week for the first time.  Will send more pics in the months to come.
Michelle F.
Amy, Hope you are doing well. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list.  We have a beautiful geriatric Persian girl who
would be stressed by a kitten, however once Frankie is an only fur child, we will be looking for a sister for him.  He is doing quite well
and is a hit with everyone.  Frankie's mustache and personality make him a favorite even with "dog people". - Nan H.
Hi Amy, I wanted to send you some more pictures of my beautiful kitty.  He has a beautiful face as you can see and is very sweet.  He has very thick fur and a beautiful bushy tail. He
gets along well with our 2 Westies and loves to wrestle with the 4 year old.  The older Westie usually just watches.  He has been on 6 RV trips with us and the dogs.  I am retiring in May
and we are planning a 3 mo RV trip to Canada, so he is definitely a traveling kitty!
- Kim H.
Newman is my sweetheart! Born Oct 6 2017 ! The blue eyes melt everyone’s hearts! Amy Green guided me through the
adoption process with love and understanding, talked to me constantly on the phone and I recommend her to everyone!
Hi Amy, I couldn't resist to send you a pic of our little doll. This happens to be my favorite
pic of her. She is doing so well and we can't thank you enough for our little doll.
Chase and Mary Sue and our little mademoiselle Zoe
Here’s some updated pictures of Giani!! He’s the sweetest, we love him so much!! :)
(hes so playful, it’s hard to get some decent pictures of him!!) lol  - Hailey
Amy,  I told you Kiwi was going RVing with us to Maine and Nova Scotia after I retired.  Well here he is in his kitty condo enjoying time outside (sort of) with
Mom and Dad in Bar Harbor Maine.  He is glad as we are to be here for a while and not be on the road although he did very well.  He typically just curls up
where he can see me and the dogs, then sleeps. - Kim H.
I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely great kitten!  He is so fun and friendly (to everyone!).  I love his personality.
A couple of pictures of Sinatra.
- Aimee O.
Amy, A little update.  They play and tussle and chase each other around....but tonight I walked in and found them lounging on the bed together...no
roughhousing involve. Pippa is 5 months old now and the sweetest, affection baby I could have wished for.  She sleeps on the bed and has to be touching
either me or Dennis.
She runs to the door to greet us when we get home and comes bounding into the room whenever you call her name. She is quite the athlete.  She wants to
climb and leap to the highest level she can see.   I walked in one day and found her hanging from the center of the window frame where the lock is!  LOL
Getting good shots of her can be challenging with her charcoal coloring and gray/green eyes but trust me she is beautiful �� and so far that thick triple coat is
silky and easy to comb (thank goodness). Diego makes a good big brother and is still a mama's boy even if he is a bit of a loner.  Updated shot included.

Thanks again for such beautiful babies. - Ruth
Him Amy,
All is well with our little one. - Randy
Wanted to send you some new updated pictures of Giani! He's doing great, we love our baby boy and he's so
playful! Last picture is him during a big yawn :)
- Hailey T.
Hi Amy, Letting you know that “Duchess” is doing great. She is becoming a beautiful cat and is so sweet!
- Darlene & Shawn M.
Amy, This is Darla ( nickname D.D.) at her first Christmas with a bear friend (she is now four months). Here is the
second photo of Darla with her new "big brother" (Martin is an eight year old Bombay feral boy that we brought in
seven years ago). He and D.D. like to "cuddle" on the couch ( both are  "fixed") for warmth.
Regards, John
Hi Amy! I hope this email finds you well.  I wish you and your family a healthy and successful year.  I haven’t shared with you some pics from Simba and Pelusa!
- Patricia D
Amy,   Just sending a one year update of our baby girl.  She has turned into quite the beauty, is such a sweetheart and quite the character.  At 9 months I turned around to find her on
top of the upper kitchen cabinets!  She has Dennis wrapped around her paw, LOL. While she and Diego don't cuddle, they play like crazy and I often find them on the bed together.  
Good progress for their first year. But Pippa has decided that our dog Musso is all hers.  She waits and watches at the door for him when he goes outside. I am so thankful you do
what you do.  My life is so much better with kitties in it. - Ruth S.
Here are a few pics. First Bath (If looks could kill) & Playing Catch Me if You can.
She is the best little kitten in the world!!!
Thanks! Vicki
“Bubba” 9 months old and 13lbs!! ❤ - Sandy G
Hi Amy,
It’s been a while, hope you are doing well.  Wanted to share a picture with
you of our beautiful boys.  This was Serena and Hanks litter of two males in
2017.  We love them so much and they are the best of buddies.  Smith loves
to hide in boxes and bags, we call him the “bag boy” and climb the
Christmas tree. Wesson likes to cuddle and sleep with guests in the guest
bedroom, we call him our “cuddle bug”.  
Take care, Michelle F.
Here is Fiona now almost ten months old. Beautiful, bad and
big. She weighs 10 lbs. Her fur is gorgeous and luxuriant.

She has a large mane. We absolutely love her
Terry S. of Sarasota
Mia is growing up beautifully.  Once the size of a beanie
baby, she is now snuggling up to Grumpy Cat.  - Nan H
Hello Amy,

I hope this email finds you well.
I wanted to share with you some pictures of Simba and Pelusa. They are now
one year seven months!! Or so. I love them. Both with very different

Hope you like them.

Patricia D.
Hi Amy! Since we are in isolation I have a moment to email you
finally! Just wanted to let you know we are So in love with our
little Ollie and he is best of friends with our other cat Joe. He's
getting big and is the sweetest, playful and adorable and makes
us laugh every day. Thank you, we are so happy we got him.
Sally J.
Happy 1 yr old birthday to Miss Fiona in Sarasota

She is standing in our elephant bowl. When she was smaller she slept in the bowl.
Now she can only reminisce about sleeping in it.

Terry Suchma
Hi Amy,

Here are current photos of
Mia and Frankie.

We thought you might like to see what a beauty Misty has become.
1 year old today. She is quite a big girl - 9 lbs and the longest and widest
tail I’ve ever seen on a cat. Note the paws. This is how she lays, lounges,
most of the time.

Russ and Liz Watson

Just wanted to let you know that Percy
is doing well. He is a bundle of playful
energy and has acclimated to our
home well.

Thank you,
July 5, 2020 ~ Happy, healthy,
smart, beautiful & spoiled!
Hi Amy-Mom,
I finished my Kitten Quarantine on Sunday & was allowed out
yesterday.  It was an exciting day for me & I am making new friends.  
I weigh 2.7 lbs now!  Tango showed me how to use a cat scratching
post & puts his paw on top of my head if I climb too high on the cat

I went to my new vet, Dr Ruby, and he wanted to keep me!  All the
clinic staff came to meet me!  My health is great & he thinks I am
beautiful.  He said he also wants to bottle all my cuteness; not sure
how he plans to do that!

My new Kathy-Mom plans to keep my room for me in the bathroom
so I don’t get in trouble at night.  I have a ferret litter box there until I
get bigger.  My own food & water & my own cat bed are there Too.  
Please see my photos!  
Love, Rhett
Hi Amy.
Just wanted to send some pics of the kittens (Zeus
and Sophia). They are 5 lbs now and really close. -
Hi Amy! Here are
Isabella & Olivia at 11 years old!

- Steve M
Celebrating 5 lbs!
(No, not allowed to drink any!)
Later gator!

"Darla" is the friendliest kitten and is
purrfectly happy with little sister
Leeza in our family now!
7 months ~ Nov 29, 2020 ~ Silver
Patched Tabby

"Leeza" is pawsitively the sweetest
3.5 months ~ Nov 8, 2020 ~ Cream
Best wishes, Tammy
Yes, we bought new recliners to match is lovely
eyes..........here’s Rhett at 7 mos. old & 6.5 lbs!  Beginning
to think I should have gotten a 3rd recliner so he could
have his own!  He’s not much on sharing!

- Kathy