Shipping your kitten within the
Continental United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska,
Hawaii & Canada
As of 2018, we are unaware of any airlines that are allowing unaccompanied
shipment of Persians & Himalayans. This means we are no longer able to
ship our kittens through cargo to any location. However, we can meet you at
the Jacksonville International Airport with your kitten so you can fly back to
your home with the kitten in cabin with you. You will be responsible for your
flight arrangements which will need to include the cost for having them fly in
cabin with you. Before booking your flight, please make sure you have made
arrangements with us in advance so that our schedules can coincide together.
You will also need to make sure you choose an airline that will allow you to
fly with your pet in cabin and pay the airline's additional fee. You will also
need to verify with the airline what types of carrier are allowed for an in
cabin flight.

Kittens must be a minimum of 10 weeks old for airline travel and must have a
flight certificate from a veterinarian within 10 days of travel. A flight
certificate from our veterinarian and an airline approved carrier for you
kitten is an additional $150 per kitten.

Click on the airline name below for information about their requirements for
pet travel in cabin with their owner. These are the only airlines that fly into
Jacksonville International Airport (JIA) in Jacksonville, FL.

Southwest Airlines

Delta Airlines

American Airlines

United Airlines

Frontier Airlines

Jet Blue