Shipping your kitten within the
Continental United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska,
Hawaii & Canada
We ship kitten within the continental United States & Canada. The following
airlines are equipped to ship live animals:
United Airlines & Delta Airlines

If you need a kitten shipped to your location, please let me know what the two
closest airlines are to you. Kittens must be a minimum of eight weeks old to be
shipped or sold according to Florida law and airline regulations.

We ship all kittens and cats through United Airlines & Delta Airlines.
We can ship with United Airlines throughout the entire year because they
have pressurized cabins and no temperature restrictions. We can only ship
with Delta Airlines out of Jacksonville, FL during the fall and winter months
as long as it is no more than 75 degrees at all times on the flight.

Our shipping fee is
$350  fee for all kittens shipped during this time. Our
shipping fee is $400 for all adult cats. All kittens/cats over 3 months of age
must have a rabies vaccine to ship.

Any kittens/cat shipping outside the Continental United States may have an
additional fee added due to airline fees and regulations for overseas flights.

The shipping fee includes airline shipping rates, airline fuel costs, airline
animal fees, a new pet carrier with attached food bowl, & additional
veterinarian expenses for flight travel regulations.  

If more than one kitten is purchased, the kittens may be shipped together if
they are under the weight regulations. An additional fee will apply to cover
the second kitten expenses.